Website Analytics

Let’s be clear…

Having accurate data and ‘knowing your numbers’ is EVERYTHING when it comes to running profitable PPC campaigns.

From click-to- close, your traffic is giving you opportunities to track, predict, then optimize their behavior.

We Love Data

At Tried and True Media we are data freaks (as geeky as this sounds).

Using analytics the right way allows us to determine what ad campaign is winning or losing… Which ads to scale up… and which ads to pull back.

We crunch numbers all day every day, and when we go to sleep… we go to bed holding our calculators.

Our addiction to analytics is what separates from the competition and our obsession allows you to see where your money is going and the return your efforts are generating.

Monitoring everything takes extra work and planning, but it allows us to identify and focus on the metrics that matter.

The results you’ll see will speak for themselves.


Goal Tracking

At Tried and True we track everything…

From what percentage rate of an order form is filled out and which buttons are clicked to how dynamic phone numbers are performing and how long someone stays on your thank you page.

This allows us to see exactly how visitors are progressing through your site and taking the action we want them to take.


Why Data Is Our Thing

Analytics is critical to everything we do at Tried and True Media.

For our clients, what they discover when we start tracking effectively is that everything changes.

To discover how you can uncover the hidden data in your site and use it as a ‘sword’ to slay your competition, simply click the link below, fill out the form and will be in touch.


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